Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The gentle reminders of life.

     Wish I had more time to write, but i'll do my best to catch ya up. So I finally landed a steady job at LDS hospital still in Orthopedics, which i enjoy, but I am full time nights. Although I am getting more used to it. It's definitely a change, and a different lifestyle. I look forward to moving forward in my career path, and one day reach becoming a CFRN (aka Flight nurse). 
     With settling a good job it opens opportunities, our recent one is buying a house. We're on track to close on a house in Centerville in a nice quiet neighborhood. Really looking forward to having our own place. Plan on doing some work to it before we move in to make it our own home. Totally excited. MLS# 1034899
The New House

      I know everyone says it, but I can't believe it's already been a year. Brooke and I were married one year ago on June 18th. For our anniversary we're going to be trying a four handed massage, and... going to the Real game, and OneRepublic Concert. Seriously it's been a busy year Married, Baby, Graduation, New Home Owner, and New Job. I'd say those are some life changing events all within the last 365 days.
     As with any marriage there's ups and downs, but I truly can say that I have never been so in love with my wife and it seems like it can only get better. I'm glad I found someone that can put up with me, and someone I love "enduring" with in the rough times.

      We took Everett to his first RSL game. Although I was way stoked, it took about 5 minutes after dad acting like a lunatic to realize it wasn't the best idea. So we had fun feedin him and trying to drown out the noise, but none the less another fun adventure.

He watched me for 20 minutes like this.
     Last, but not least It's moments like the one I had tonight that can bring you to tears. Baby for some reason has decided to stop sleeping through the night so it's been an adjustment for us to becoming unspoiled. tonight Brookie was doing her night shift and i got to put baby to sleep. After doing last minute addendum signing with the house it was definitely past bedtime. Especially since I had been up for 30 hours straight. Screaming and crying, after getting home feeding him and cleaning up. I sat down with him and decided to read a story "I love you, Daddy." Immediately peace came, and he looked up at me smiled and stroked my beard. As tears started to fall thoughts of my own father, and the power of daddyhood came into my mind. totally excited to give my boy what I unfortunately missed out a lot on. He put his hand on my rough face, and smiled again. I realized every step in life feels as good as we make it, they all have their advantages and heartbreaks. But sometimes something hits me and reminds me that there is nothing like being a daddy...

and on to another day....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Decided to Blog!

Dear People,
       So I figured there was way too much in life going on than to not at least blog for myself to come back, and read for myself. So here I am. I'll post a few pictures of the past little while, but pretty much our story started long ago. Brooke and I are best friends, and just accumulated another amazing friend our little boy.
        In life sometimes we don't ask for somethings to happen to us, and... sometimes we do. Brooke and I had big plans of traveling as nurses and adventuring the world. We now understand that our world is in the form of a beautiful boy. As I had said to many people, "we're going to have a baby that is auto-potty-trained, sleeps all night, and feeds himself," they laughed at me. Now I understand why, apparently they don't come that way. Not only that I find myself asking "what do I do now?" when mom is away.
        Aside the fact that I constantly question myself on how to help him. It's amazing to me how much it changes the relationship of the parents. Brooke and I were always able to say want to go to a movie, sit by a camp fire, or go snowboarding. Now it takes a strategic plan to just get to the grocery store, and even then we stand ready for surprise. "Ok, let's go now he's getting tired and he just ate." Brooke suggests.  As I'm sitting him in his carseat I hear a "FLUFFFART." 30 minutes later, a rinse off, new carseat cover, new clothes, and new diaper later, lets go to the store. This whole time I thought Brooke was the boss, well apparently even the boss has a boss.
       Long story short, he's not potty trained, he apparently thinks 2 am is play-time, and every 3 hours he cries for 6 ounces more. There's something about rolling out of bed with that ounce of strength left after a 16 hours shift, and seeing his smiling face. He's amazing. He brings a strength, hope, and love to our lives I never thought was possible. Things have gotten much better, and things seem to become second nature.

 And on to tomorrow...